Padron Londres

A couple of weeks ago I came across a comment in the Bargain Cigar breakdown I posted, recommending I try a Padron Londres. Coincidentally I had some on the way from a purchase I made.

After letting them rest for a couple of days, I could not wait to light one up. The look of the cigar was a little on the rough side for a Padron. The wrapper had a fair amount of average sized veins and a fairly oily sheen. When pinched, the stick felt firm with a light spring to it. The cut was quick and clean resulting in a firm pre light draw.

After my pre light inspection, I began the lighting process. Due to the small ring gauge toasting and lighting was a fast process producing smoke in little time. To start, the burn was a little uneven and produced a fair amount of smoke. The body started off Medium to Full and the finish was a little on the dry side. The base flavor was classic rich tobacco flavor.

My initial thought was that this stick was a little rough around the edges and that it would not stack up to the more expensive, Thousand Series Padrons. A few minutes later that thought went out the window because the cigar seemed to open up and become very enjoyable.

At this point the burn evened up and the draw started to become easier. The body settled down to medium and the finish changed to become smooth and creamy. The base flavor also changed into a rich earthy flavor.

As I smoked further into the stick it seemed to only get better. At about the half way point a mild spice began to develop. The finish seemed to get creamier while the body stayed consistently at Medium. The base flavor continued to be rich and earthy for a highly enjoyable smoke.

As time passed I reached the final portions of the cigar. At this point the body picked up and became Medium to Full once again and the finish became longer while remaining smooth and creamy. The flavor base remained rich and earth while picking up a sort of woody flavor.

I was forced to lay the cigar down to rest when I could no longer hold onto it. I enjoyed this cigar immensely and think I found a cigar, to me, that rivals the enjoyment I get out of a Famous Nicaraguan 3000. I really think that this is a must try smoke for anyone looking for a good bargain priced cigar.