Alonso Menendez Mata Fina

Alonso Menendez Mata Fina pre-light

Here we have an Alonso Menendez Mata Fina Robusto at 5×52 from Cigars of Brazil. It’s a Brazilian puro of Mata Fina tobacco from the northern area of the Bahian recôncavo, but I won’t pretend to understand exactly what that means. 🙂 This one came to me via our very own Walt, courtesy of Paul Arneson.

The wrapper was rather rustic looking, but very well put together with a handsome double cap. The simple white band on these is very attractive, I’ve read the company may change the band but I think it looks nice as-is. There is a nice give to the cigar when squeezed, a little bit more than most similar-sized cigars. There is a hint of spice on the pre-light draw and the aroma is very pleasant, almost sweet.

The light was a little uneven, with one side just not wanting to get going. After a little work it was lit nice and evenly across the foot. The first draw produced an amazing amount of smoke, even with the easy pre-light draw I wasn’t expecting this much smoke. The body started out on the full side of medium with a light finish. Dominant flavors are familiar maduro with a nice sweetness from the wrapper and something else I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

Alonso Menendez Mata Fina first third

The second third saw a build to the body over into full territory, as-advertised, with the earthy maduro flavors still up front with a little cocoa occasionally. The burn was pretty straight leaving a medium grey ash that held pretty firm to just over an inch. The sweetness of the wrapper continues to shine and seems to have gotten even a little stronger.

The last third yielded a little more build to the body to put it firmly in the full camp. With the easy draw and huge smoke production I had to be careful to draw easy or it got hot and harsh on me. When I was paying attention and taking small draws I was rewarded with plenty of pleasant, smooth smoke with lots of flavor. Only in the last third I got a few sweet hints of coconut which was a first for me and went nicely with this cigar.

Alonso Menendez Mata Fina last third

Overall this was a very enjoyable cigar, I really liked the sweetness of the wrapper and loved the hints of coconut. The base flavor would be recognized, and I think enjoyed, by anyone that enjoys a maduro cigar but there’s just something unique to the flavor that I never could pin down. So now I’ve smoked, and enjoyed, my only one and they’re not sold anywhere in Texas…damn. I wonder if Walt knows he’s my connection now?

Alonso Menendez Mata Fina ashtray