Consuegra No. 17

Origin: Danli, Honduras
Filler: Various
Binder: Honduras
Wrapper: Honduras – EMS
Size Name: No. 17 – Superiore
Length: 5.62
Ring Gauge: 47
Strength: Medium – Full

A couple of months ago I began reading a few posts on a couple message boards talking about the Consuegra being a good low budget smoke. After reading some good reviews I decided it was time to order a bundle.

One important thing to keep in mind is that Consuegra cigars are more or less Villazon seconds. What that means is that they are a mixture of Villazon brands including, Punch, Hoyo de Monterrey, El Rey Del Mundo, etc. I also read a disclaimer in the new JR catalog that you may receive a bundle of cigars that may have come from two or more of these cigar brands. JR states that this is rare, but it is a possibility.

With that in mind, you could have a very different experience than me even if buying the same size as I did. In my case I ordered the Consuegra No. 17

At first glance, the wrapper appears to be rather dry and veiny. A careful pinch resulted in a firm feel with a light spring. I pulled out my Palio cutter and clipped the end. The result was a clean easy cut. After checking the pre light draw I found it to be decent with a slight bit of resistance so I started the lighting process.

The cigar lit without any problems and began producing a good amount of smoke. The strange thing out the cigar was that the initial flavor was very flat. What I mean by that was that it only tasted like tobacco. There were no discernable flavors at this point that made things interesting. The finish was mildly creamy and short on the pallet while the body started off in the Mild to Medium range.

After a couple puffs the first thing that I noticed was that the burn was very fast. The ash appeared loose and flaky but was surprisingly strong. The flavor developed into dominantly woody taste while the finish stayed mildly creamy but started to last longer on the pallet. The body was Mild to Medium although I could feel it slowly building.

After a short period of time I began to burn into the second third of this cigar. I could now taste a light salty flavor in the background of the woody base. The finish was mildly creamy, as before, but now lasted for several minutes on the pallet. The body was now in the Medium to Full range while producing a good amount of thick smoke.

At the final third of the cigar the salty flavor disappeared and a spice began to develop. The spice was the type that seemed to tickle the back of my throat at first. After several puffs, the spice grew to the type that now began to irritate the back of my throat. The flavor base was consistently woody throughout the entire cigar. The body continued to progress further down the spectrum until it was in the full range. The finish stayed mildly creamy and continued to last several minutes on the pallet.

By the time I reached the band the cigar had become too harsh to continue smoking. At this point I was forced to put it out. Overall I think that this is a consistent cigar that is rather flat in the flavor category. When I say flat, I mean that it was very boring. Even with the few flavor changes I noticed, it was not enough to keep me interested.

I would recommend this cigar if you were doing something with your hands to distract you. I think this would be a decent smoke while working on the car or mowing the lawn, but definitely not one that I would recommend while sitting back trying to relax. This cigar just doesn’t fit the bill in that situation, but I certainly wouldn’t expect that from a cigar of this price range.

For around 25.00 per bundle, it is definitely worth picking one up just to have around. Especially for the occasions when you know you will be busy but just want to have a cigar while doing other things.