Bargain Cigar Breakdown – Installment 1

Not all that long ago I received an email from a student requesting that I review some budget level cigars. With the holidays being right around the corner I thought this would be a great time to do some reviews on some of the less expensive sticks.

Before I get started I just wanted to point out that everyone has a different opinion on what a bargain cigar actually is. For the purpose of this mini series I am going to focus on cigars that will cost you $3.00 and under per single AFTER shipping. I think handling it this way will work out best for the varying opinions on bargain prices. So with that in mind, if you have a cigar that you would like to see reviewed in the bargain writeup shoot me an email.
For installment one of this mini series I am going to do I have the following two cigars:

First Cigar
American Stogies – Toro
Purchased From: Fullers Pullers
Box Price: $55.00 (per box of 25)
5 Pack Price: $16.00
Shipping: $5.95 Flat Rate

Box price after shipping: $2.44 per single
5 pack price after shipping: $4.37 per single

Second Cigar
La Vieja Habana – Cedar Chateau #2

Purchased From: Famous Smoke Shop
Box Price: $22.95 (per box of 20)
Shipping: $3.95 on orders under $40.00

Box price after shipping: $1.35 per single