Ashton Aged Maduro #20

Ashton Aged Maduro #20 pre-light

Here we have an Ashton Aged Maduro #20, weighing in at 5.5×44 with an almost vein-free very smooth wrapper with a slightly oily appearance. There is a very well done, firm, double cap reaching down well past the head of the cigar. The cigar is very firm, with almost no give when squeezed which has me a bit concerned pre-light. The cap cuts very cleanly revealing a better draw than I was expecting.

The foot toasted quickly and the first couple of puffs provided a similar rich, dark flavor that I am used to from my favorite maduro Fuente products (858 Flor Fina and Rothschild). The body is mild to medium at the start getting no more than medium by the end. The burn was near razor sharp leaving behind a light grey ash with an attractive ripple I see in many Fuente cigars.

Ashton Aged Maduro ripple

The second third yields little to no build in the body or finish but the same rich maduro flavor and smoothness. At this point the extreme smoothness of this cigar really has my attention, I think I’ve yet to have another cigar with this much flavor that still remained this smooth. While the flavor profile is very similar to some Fuente Gran Reserva maduros, the only ones I’ve had that were this smooth had a year plus of humidor time.

Ashton Aged Maduro second third

By the time I get down to the last third of the cigar there is the slightest amount of build to the body to what I would call a medium. The finish is medium, lingering on the palate just long enough to enjoy. This cigar was very enjoyable, and while I’m not generally one to smoke a cigar very far into the final third the picture below shows how much and for how long I smoked this one. I feel this line of cigars shows the benefits of aging, the flavor profile is similar to other Fuente maduros yet with a smoothness I’ve never seen from any Fuente without a year of age. Don’t have the patience to age a box of 858 Flor Finas? Pick yourself up a box of these, I just don’t see how you could be disappointed.

Ashton Aged Maduro ash tray