Winterize Your Humidor (Part 2)

Part 2 (21:34) demonstrates how to upgrade your humidification device using humidification beads and also gives you a brief tour of my humidor.

I gotta thank RGD over at Club Stogie for providing these instuctions on how to upgrade my humidification device. RGD is one of the great people at Club Stogie! I also need to thank Dave Asp at Heartfelt Industries for taking the time to answer some of my humidification bead questions.

I hope Part 1 and Part 2 pay dividends this winter and I look forward to the free time I can enjoy! As always, if anything isn’t clear or if I screwed something up just let me know and I will address it.

For step by step instructions visit RGD’s post at Club Stogie and for more information on humidification beads like determining the amount of beads you will need for your humidor or to place an order visit Heartfelt Industries and tell Dave the Stogie Review guys say hi!

I really hope you guys find this video series as useful and helpful as I did!