Perdomo Lot 23

Perdomo Lot 23 pre-light

This Perdomo Lot 23 Robusto was a gift from the guys over at Dogwatch Social Club and was enjoyed during a herfcast for episode #80. While the wrapper was very smooth and without any large veins, it had a slightly rugged appearance but felt very good between the fingers. Very nice double cap that cut perfectly and a pre-light draw giving a nice earthy tobacco taste. A large band on a cigar is a personal pet peeve of mine but I found this one rather attractive even given its large size.

Through the first third earthy flavors dominated the draws of thick white smoke leaving behind a light grey, firm ash and a short finish. The burn was even while maintaining a sinewave pattern rather than a straight edge.

Perdomo Lot 23 first third

The finish stayed relatively short through the second third while the body increased by just the slightest bit. Woodsy and earthy flavors continue to dominate the smoke and I began to feel it on the back of my tongue and throat without being what I would call spicy.

The last third of this cigar continued with the pleasant earthy flavor, short finish and relavitely light body. Everyone smoking this one agreed that this would make a fine cigar to give to friends who are not regular cigar smokers and with confidence that they might finish it. Amongst the five of us participating in this herfcast, none had any complaints about this cigar.

Perdomo Lot 23 last third

I am usually a fan of maduro wrappered cigars and find that I often don’t make it very far into the last third of a cigar with a natural wrapper. There are many cigars at this price point in maduro that I enjoy regularly but this will be the first natural wrapper cigar to make it into my regular rotation at the $4-5 range. I’d like to close by giving thanks to Bob and Dale at Dogwatch Social Club for inviting us to join in on episode #80.