S.T. Dupont (Churchill)

So I’m sure most of you bargain shoppers received the same e-mail as me from JR Cigars with regards to S.T. Dupont cigars. Its been awhile since I’ve had a S.T. Dupont but a deal is a deal and any box selling for $49.95 a box (down from $100+) is a deal to me.

S.T. Dupont stogies never really caught on in the US market. Very popular in Europe but just never really did anything in the US and I think the normal $100+ a box price had something to do with it. S.T. Dupont started out as a stogie made in the Canary Islands and failed. Moved to the Dominican Republic and received a poor response as still being too weak. S.T. Dupont then moved production to Nicaragua in the hopes of adding a little power to their stogies but again, missed the boat and is still considered a very light stogie with JR Cigars finally deciding to no longer carry the brand and liquidate its supply.

I purchased a box of the Churchill size weighing in at 7.00 x 47. While JR’s website indicates that the wrapper, binder and filler are secret, Perelman says that the S.T. Dupont features a Honduran wrapper, Cameroon binder and a mix of Dominican & Nicaraguan filler. But Perelman says that they are still manufactured in the Dominican when in fact they were moved to Nicaragua so take all that information for what it is worth.

Like I said earlier, I’ve had a handful of S.T. Dupont stogies over the course of my smoking life. I know technically very light isn’t a stogie category but saying that S.T. Dupont is a light stogie would be an exaggeration as if it wasn’t for actually seeing smoke from the stogie, I couldn’t tell that I had anything in my mouth.

Construction is solid. Wrapper is soft, smooth and no visible veins. No aroma from the stick. Easy time with the cut and the foot lit evenly with no need for any touch ups or extra rotating to keep an even burn. The S.T. Dupont had a slow even burn with the Churchill lasting me well close to two hours of smoking.

If construction and burn rate were all that mattered in a stogie, the S.T. Dupont would be at the top of the list. Unfortunately, you have to factor in taste and even more unfortunate is that taste and flavor are the biggest factors in a stogie and the S.T. Dupont truly does fail miserably in that category.

The only word I can use to describe the taste of the S.T. Dupont is to say it was bland. Not even the slightest hint of a natural tobacco taste. No sweetness, no spice, no depth…no nothing! I can honestly say that you taste nothing while smoking the S.T. Dupont. I would even be as bold to say that even a cigarette offers more flavor and more aroma (even though its a bad one) than the S.T. Dupont.

In closing its easy to see why this stogie failed in the US market. When you factor in the price and the lackluster or missing flavor profile, the S.T. Dupont was doomed to fail. The only question remains is what took JR Cigars so long to discontinue carrying it? I started this review thinking that $49.95 a box was a great deal but I’m actually left feeling like JR Cigars owes me money.

Stogie Review Rating Sheet : 57/100