5 Vegas Gold

I had to get emissions the other day, so I went early and thought I should have a cigar. Since it was only about 10:00 AM and I had not really eaten, I though I would go with a milder cigar and decided on a 5 Vegas Gold.

I was a little worried that it may be too moist. My humidor was running 76% when I got the stick out. Well anyway I go to the emissions place and passed so I lit up the stogie, and it lit like a charm. Things started out well, it seemed to start out with more of a toasty taste than a woodsy taste.

The draw was firm but not too hard to draw. The first third, I must have been smoking too fast because it was getting a decently pronounced cone. I felt like I was smoking slow but decided to smoke a little slower. The nutty taste started to come out a lot after I slowed down even more.

This cigar would have been a great herfing cigar because you could talk a lot between smokes. The nutty taste came to the fore front around the first and second thirds of the cigar. Rather than the normal nutty which is hazelnut and general nut flavor, I swear I could taste almond. The last part of the smoke took on a more spicy peppery and woodsy tones that came up to meet the nutty flavor.

The smoke was white and had a pleasant aroma but nothing too special. The ash was solid and was more grey than white. The cigar burned straight, like someone drew or cut the ash line in there. Other than a ten pack of Puros Indios, where the whole ten pack did that I have never seen anything burn that straight. About halfway through the cigar, the draw went from firmer to easier but never got too easy.

The size was a Toro and took about 2 hours to smoke through. One time I set it down for 3 minutes then picked it up and it was still lit, I did not need to re-light but it burned very little of the stick.

On the overall I was very happy with this. I was shocked for a brand that is known for it’s mildness I did not expect the flavors to be so strong. The straight burn was great and even though I am not a fan of the toast/burnt toast type flavor, the nutty flavor kept the wood and toast in the background and made this very enjoyable.


I had a very similar experience with a 5 Vegas Gold Robusto.
Because Jon did not have the opportunity to take pictures and write
a rating sheet, I have added the pictures of the Robusto that i smoked.