Punch Rare Corojo – 2006 Blend

Origin: Cafradia, Honduras
Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Connecticut
Filler: Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua
Size Name: Double Corona
Length: 6.75
Ring Gauge: 48
Strength: Full

A couple of weeks ago I had made mention to Jerry that I was interested in trying a few cigars to review. One of which was the Punch Rare Corojo. He was kind enough to ship one out to me to try. After enjoying the smoke I decided to go out and pick up a few more.

Like many other Corojo cigars, this cigar has an attractive reddish hue to the brown wrapper. The red Punch Rare Corojo bands seem to bring out the reddish hue even more making it very hard to overlook. The texture was fairly veiny with a firm feel. The wrapper had a heavy aroma to it that was appealing.

I used my plug cutter on the cap and the result was a clean and easy cut. The pre light draw was nice and easy with a bit of resistance. Due to the square press of the cigar, the foot was relatively small and very easy to get evenly lit.

The initial puff produced lots of smoke that was just full of flavor. There was a very distinct full flavored Honduran tobacco taste with a lightly spicy background. The smoke was smooth with a light and creamy finish. The resting smoke was about average leaving a heavy, but nice aroma in the air.

Throughout the entire cigar the base flavor was very consistent. The body didn’t get much stronger. The finish was crisp and sharp on the pallet. It sharply came and went after each puff. The spiciness was a nice addition to the full bodied Honduran flavor. There were light peppery notes on and off throughout the remainder of the cigar which added to the pleasure.

The draw and burn were both good. The cigar required no touch ups or re lights. This cigar took me the better part of and hour and forty five minutes to smoke, of which I enjoyed every puff.

This cigar would not be a wise choice early in the day as the spiciness would be a bit overwhelming. This cigar goes well later on in the evening after the pallet has had a chance to warm up and experience a range of flavors throughout your meals.

For me, this was an enjoyable stick that will become a regular in my humidor.

My review sheet can be found below.

Review Sheet: 90/100