Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 (Torpedo)

These cigars came to me via a surprise route. store out in Denver CO were nice enough to send us a box of these guys. The store is called Whats Knot to Love and they are Denver’s Most Unique Cigar Shop. I’ve never ordered from these guys so I can’t vouch for how good their service is. But any store that will magically make a box of cigars appear on my doorstep without me doing anything can’t be all bad right? So cheers to the folks at Whats Knot to Love!

Origin: Honduras
Wrapper: Habano
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Dominican/Honduras/Mexico/Nicaragua/Costa Rican

Now, I’m a Carlos Torano nut. I’m not a big fan of the Casa Torano line but everything in between is outstanding. The best being the 2004 Tribute Series but I’ll save talking about that for another review. If you didn’t know, this cigar commemorates the exodus of expert Cuban cigar families and their impact on the cigar industry after the nationalization of all tobacco farms and factories by the Cuban government in 1959.

The Torano Exodus is a dark stogie. It has very little veins and the oily wrapper makes this beauty standout inside your humidor. Once you open the box you’re hit with a breeze of crisp fresh cedar aromas that make you want to dive right in and with the humidipack that ships inside, you can. The humidipack keeps the stogies at perfect levels letting you enjoy one these guys right out of the box.

The initial draw is a bit tough and the flavors were weak. It takes a few good puffs for this stogie to develop. Once it develops, watch out! The five country blend that makes up the filler really adds to the depth and complexity of this stogie. You can tell when the Nicaraguan part of the blend kicks in at the end as you’re hit with the spicy notes. Most of the way you’re enjoying chocolate flavors that range from sweet, smooth and creamy to a rich chalky chocolate type taste. The finish was very smooth and you have the chocolate notes stay with you like a rich chocolate bar does.

While the wrapper stayed intact my only gripe with this stogie is one that I’ve heard many times before and that’s with the erratic burn that this stogies experiences the first third of the stick. The ash is peppery in color and very loose. Don’t look to the Exodus when you’re in a ash contest. It’s flakey and every movement sends pieces of ash everywhere. You can also notice some tunneling of the filler. While I did toast the foot enough I suspect the tunneling is a result of the erratic burn early on. After the midway point it’s a perfect smoke. No tunneling or burn problems.

This stogie is one of the finest stogies on the market and outside of the Tribute Series is the best of the bunch that Carlos Torano puts out. The five country blend adds that needed complexity that makes this stogie a must try. I’m very grateful to the folks at Whats Knot to Love for taking the time to send these stogies our way.

Stogie Review Rating Sheet – 90/100