Jerry’s Humidor

Well folks, here it is! My humidor in all its glory! Purchased from my local JR Cigars shop in August 2004 this beauty has seen cigars, of all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life, come and go. There are many humidors like it but this one is mine (please allow time for the page to render since the pictures are somewhat big).

My Romeo y Julieta humidor is number 036 out of 150 that were produced. The number is located on the lower right side on the front of the humidor.

It features a partial glass lid that gives me a quick window into my cigars and to the digital hygrometer. The digital hygrometer is normally located under the glass portion of the lid.

Under the top lid is one storage space. The humidor came with two dividers, one humidification device and an analog hygrometer. I’ve added an additional humidification device during the winter and switched to a digital hygrometer. I use the top area to display the finer sticks in my collection like my one Opus X, Hemingway and somewhere underneath something are my two sticks that I cherish, Carlos Torano Tribute Series 2004. Off to the left side you will see two Partagas Series D (Cuban). They were gifted to me (one is actually my buddy Jon’s but I’m holding it for him) and while the wrapper has seen better days, I couldn’t turn down the gift now could I?

The front panel pulls down to reveal 8 additional drawers (4 on each side). This is my general storage area. There really isn’t any organization as this is where I pull my every day smokes from. Behind the drawers are two additional humidification devices.

Total capacity for my humidor is up to 300 cigars. Somehow I managed to cram 310 cigars in it. I still have boxes of cigars that I got from the Philippines still waiting in line as well as box of Bolivar SRO that I just picked up today. Luckily the Bolivar sticks are in all glass tubes. My local JR Cigars had this box on their shelf since October 2001 and again, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to purchase this box right?

I’ve showed you mine…now its time to show me your’s.