Cigar Purchases: Cigars from the Philippines

It took a combined 70 hours of traveling door-to-door and back to get them but my trip to the Philippines was a fruitful one. It was wonderful to go home and enjoy a slower, more relaxed pace of life in a place where the US dollar is strong and cost of living cheap. Here is the bounty I have brought home from the Philippines. All together I spent around $300 US on 300 cigars. Thank God I had no problems with US Customs in San Francisco. 3 boxes each of the following:

La Flor de la Isabela Don Juan Urquijo –

La Flor de la Isabela 1881

Tabaqueria de Filipinas Antonio Gimenez

Tabaqueria de Filipinas 1898 Independencia

Tabaqueria de Filipinas Flor de Filipinas

I smoked a handful of the Don Juan Urquijo which is the flagship premium cigar in the Philippines and they were a very unique and enjoyable smoke. A review of them is in the works. I hope to send out a few cigars of each box to Waldo and others for them to try and post a review on them. I need to make some room in the humidor and get them a bit more stable after the long flights home.