Romeo y Julieta – Reserve Maduro

As I posted the other day, I wanted to get a review up for a Romeo y Julieta ? Reserve Maduro. I had a chance to smoke two over the past two days.


The first RyJ I smoke was one that was given to me recently by a friend. It was purchased last week so it had no age to it that I knew of. This cigar did not disappoint. It was mild but smooth and creamy. I smoked this one while putting everything in my coolidor and listening to the Dog Watch Social Club. I felt I didn’t give it the attention it deserved for a review, so I smoked another one last night.


My second RyJ was purchased in Jan. It came in a sampler box with an ashtray and four other RyJ styles. So after about Three months of aging this is how it went.


Last night I was pretty tired and decided I wanted to mellow out and have a nice cigar. As I always do, I used a plug cutter and lit the cigar. The first few puffs were really tight so I used a guillotine cutter to cut the end. This seemed to help a lot.


The flavor was good but just too mild for a night time cigar. This would have been much better if smoked in the afternoon or late morning. It was consistent and almost creamy throughout the smoke but lacked that little bit of punch that would have put it over the top for me.


The aging did not seem to do as much as I thought it would. The flavor stayed the same and the only difference I could notice was the smoothness of the smoke. This cigar was much better in terms of smoothness than the first.


Unfortunately the aged RyJ was the last of what I had. I would really like to see what this cigar is like after six months in the humidor. I may have to order a five pack just to put away.



New Review Sheet – 85/100

Old Review Sheet (2/24/06) – 85/100

“Growing out of mild smokes?
you grow into mild smokes as you develop your pallet.”

-Cheo Malanga-

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