Bolivar Fuerte (Cofradia)

Origin: Honduras
Length: 6.25
Ring: 45
Strength: Full
Wrapper Type: Ecuador Sumatran
Binder: Connecticut
Filler: Honduras/Nicaragua

The Bolivar Fuerte (Cofradia) was a surprise when I reviewed it. As I mentioned in an earlier entry, these smokes were the weekly special at my local JR Cigars. Before I start my review let me add this disclaimer. These are from the JR Cigars Library Edition. Maybe sticks from the non-library edition are better.

Okay, they were on special last week for $3 a stick. Normal price is $4.75. Not only was this cigar not worth the $4.75, but it was no where even worth the $3 I paid. I’m not often disappointed in a smoke but this one was a definite let down.

I knew something was up when I was going through the container that JR uses to display their cigar of the week. It took me awhile to find a handful that were relatively soft and vein free. Appearance wise, the Bolivar looked like your average cigar. Medium brown in color, dry looking wrapper…nothing special catches your attention.

These sticks spent two days resting in my humidor. I decided it was time for Mr. Bolivar to meet Mr. Flame and see what I got. I overlooked the average look of these cigars and upon cutting the cigar, my hope was restored. Easy cut! Amazingly easy cut and I’m sure my Xikar needs some attention but it was like a hot knife cutting butter. Super smooth! One of the best cuts I’ve ever had.

After the cut, I came quickly crashing back to reality. The first draw was okay. Didn’t really taste anything, draw was good, a little on the tough side but figured as the cigar burned it would loosen up. Unfortunately, it never did. It only got tougher and tougher to draw. I was actually surprised that I didn’t have to relight.

We’ve all had slow starting cigars, cigars that take awhile for the flavor and characteristics to get moving. I was waiting and waiting for this to happen. But for the first 50% of the cigar I got nothing but a bland, harsh smoke taste and it was downhill from there. I did get the occasional semi-sweet hint but nothing to keep my interest.

Since it?s very rare for me not to enjoy a cigar, I gave the Bolivar another chance. I smoked two more but with the same result. Since I pillaged through the JR Cigar?s weekly cigar display I knew that the chances that all my sticks originated from the same box was unlikely.

For a stick to carry the Bolivar band, I was severely disappointed with this smoke. I hope when I try a stick not from the Library Edition that I can write a review that lives up to the Bolivar name.

My Rating = 69/100
Cigar Aficionado = 88/100